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  • IVY
  • GRADUATE: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Development Management
  • JOB: General English, Business English, Conversational English, English Pronunciation, English Vocabulary, English Grammar, Writing

Hi! I'm Ivy de Jesus, 31 years of age born and raised in Bulacan, I finished architectural drafting in bulacan state university and Business administration major in human resource development management in Laconsolacion university philippines. Several jobs have boosted my confidence and have helped me survive life on its daily basis.

I was a home tutor for about three years on my first job.The next job I had I did basic English tutorials for man to man or in person for Koreans and Japanese in Makati, Greenhills , Eastwood and Ortigas. On my third job I became an academy teacher for koreans for one year in New Bridge Language Center Company in Talayan Village Quezon City. As an academy teacher I was able to enhance my teaching and drafting skills by teaching a large group of students in person. I was handling 5 group classes a day in which there are about 6-10 persons. I also took a part-time job as an Academy teacher in EIEN POWER Corporation, a japanese company in which I taught basic English for japanese businessmen and women for 3 months.

On my fourth job in 17Lingo, I was an HR assistant and a free trial specialist specifically for chinese students for eight months. As an HR assistant I was handling the recruitment of new employees and interviews for new teachers. As a free trial specialist i am the one who handles the first trial class for potential clients and based on the first class I was the one who constructed the first week lesson plan which will be passed on to the assigned teacher.

On my last job, it is an online Home-based tutorial, the company name is 51talk, one of the biggest online platform in the Philippines today. I was handling 30 -36 classes per day which takes about 25 minutes per class for about 4 years. I was one of the top referrers in 2015.

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