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  • REY
  • GRADUATE: • Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English • Licensed English Teacher
  • JOB: • General English for Young Learners • Cambridge exams : Starter, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET • Teenagers and Adults Grammar and Grammar Usage • Reading, Writing and Speaking • Travel English • Business English • Oral Communication in Context

Mabuhay! This is Teacher Rey from the Philippines!

I am a young and active professional who believes in every capacity of a person that he/she can be able to learn as long as you work hard for it! It has been my passion to teach people about English and impart my knowledge in what I have know about the language and to be able to inspire them in loving English the way I do. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education Major in English and a Licensed Professional Teacher here in the Philippines. I love teaching people of different ages with the utmost interest in learning English. As your teacher, I will help you to learn and improve your knowledge in English by inspiring you to try and be confident to express what is in your mind. I will provide you with a fun and exciting class with full of learning.

If you want to learn English with fun yet full of learning, I am here to provide it for you. Let’s learn together!

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