Get paid just for helping our community of English learners around the world.
Teach whenever you're free and earn money!

Get Paid

You will get paid for every session teaching to a paying E-SPACE student. The payment will be transferred directly into your Paypal account.

Anytime, Anywhere

Avoid the heavy traffic and daily commute by working at the comfort of your home. Work on dayshift and maintain your work-life balance.

A Different Culture

Enjoy cultural exchanges with your learners and make a positive impact to their lives.

Application Process


Prospective English instructors can apply through referral, online job advertisements. We will send offer letter if your profile matches our requirements. If you are interested, we will arrange an interview via Skype.


After application screening, we will arrange an interview via Skype for each potential applicant. The interview will last for about 20-30 minutes to check your confidence, fluency and diction as well as your Internet connection and teaching equipment.

Training Class

If you pass the interview round, the applicant will receive instructions about E-space teaching System. The applicant must join in a training class with E-psace trainer. If you pass the training class round, you will start to open class.

Start Teaching

After the training, the teachers are evaluated once more and signing the teaching contract. Teachers must send their weekly schedules for the next week on every Friday or monthly schedules for the next month on the end of the month to the admin.