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Giáo viên KAROLINA
  • GRADUATE: BA in English Language and Literature
  • JOB: General English, Conversational English, Ielts, Toefl, Business English, English For Children

Hi everyone, my name is Karolina! I have my BA degree in English language and literature and I have successfully passed the Methodology of teaching foreign languages course, which made me a certified ESL instructor. Currently, I am doing my MA course in English. In addition, I am TEFL certified. Regarding my experience, I have worked as a high-school teacher for one semester and I have been working as a private English tutor for over 7 years now. Also, I have been teaching English online to students of different age groups and nationalities for 5 years. I have prepared my students for TOEIC examination, TOEFL, IELTS, BEC and I have taught Basic, Intermediate and Advanced English. In addition, I have prepared my students for job interviews and I have helped them with accent reduction and public speaking. I will be here to help my students develop their English skills both written and oral.

Over the years, I have, of course, improved my skills immensely and accumulated a lot of experience. Throughout the course of more than 7 years that I have been working as a freelance English language tutor, I have also developed great interpersonal skills, which I reckon are essential for this profession. Moreover, I am naturally a calm, patient and empathetic person, which I have found enable me to better understand my students' needs and adjust my approach to each individual, so as to ensure their maximum improvement. Teaching is such a rewarding experience for me and I like my lessons to be fun and interactive. Overall, I have consistently demonstrated language, communication and multitasking abilities in every aspect of teaching English as a second language, as well as the ability to engage myself in the process of sharing my knowledge with everyone willing to learn English.

If you would like to have fun while learning English, then come to my classes. I really look forward to seeing you guys!

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