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Giáo viên LOISE
  • GRADUATE: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, TESOL
  • JOB: General English for young learners, teenagers, and adults Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, and Speaking Conversational, Topic-based English lessons

Hi, my name is Loise! I am from the Philippines, and English is my second language. I am passionate about teaching English, because it is a useful skill in almost all parts of the world. I have a TESOL certification and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I have more than 13 years of work experience in the call center industry with previous roles as a Customer Service Representative and Quality Assurance Analyst, which allowed me to interact with native English-speaking customers and clients.

I have been teaching children and adult students for a year now. I am a conversational English speaker and an interactive, friendly, and cheerful teacher. I believe that students must be given time to have hands-on practice with the material being taught and be familiar with the English language structure. I can help you build a habit that will strengthen your understanding of grammar and vocabulary to improve your comprehension and develop better fluency.

Outside teaching, I spend my free time joining public speaking club meetings and leading a Young adult ministry. I also like to read books and dedicate time to exercise.

I am excited to help you learn English more. We can talk about interesting and diverse topics. See you in my class!

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